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Default Anyone else leary...

when booking a hunt?
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Of course you might be. Spending all that money on a trip that might not be what you were expecting.
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I wouldn't say leary, but I hate to think of putting out that much $$$ and maybe coming home empty-handed...but it's always a possibility.
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Yep...afraid of being taken. That's why reserch is extremely important!
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always ask for references. especially those who didn't get a critter. they can tell you whether or not the outfitter did everything they could to get you your animal. and also remember that booking an outfitter does not guarantee that you will get anything. all they do is up the odds in your favor. or thats what they are supposed to do.

try to get the name of the site that lists outfitters and their rankings and post it here for everyone. or, if you know the name, post it and I can check with my people. just like H&R Block, I have people......
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I booked a fall Ontario bear hunt in 2006 and it was a disaster. The outfitter was a lazy piece of scat. 6 of us hunted there and he only had 1 bait for each of us. We saw a total of "1" bear between all of us.

The outfitter made no attempt to increase our chances....different bate site, different strategy, etc.....in fact, we caught him in several lies. LONG STORY

I booked a fall elk hunt in Colorado in 2005 and that outfitter was a joke. Even longer story!!!!!

Both came with good references

My advice....go through a hunting broker!!! I've been on several hunts through brokers and all have been awesome!!!
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