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Default Western Expo

Ralph and Vicki:
I shied away from this site a while back because I'm from Utah and most of your followers are from back east. Never killed a whitetail, or have ever seen one. (except Coues). I just never got into posting my pictures when asked so I just shied away. This mornings event just might have changed my mind.

My son went down the elevator at the Marriott to get more coffee and was on the elevator with you. All he said was "I like your show". Anyway, I wish it would have been me. I'd have bought your breakfast. Thank you for your consideration and appearance out here and I'm sure you had just as good a time as me.

Being just common folk, I just went to renew my NRA membership, put my money in the pot for tags, and bought a few things from the hundreds of vendors. What a great event and knowing you two were there for support will make me watch more shows again and maybe contribute a little more. Hell, I'm 65 and act more excited than my son, whom is one of the best hunters I know. Thanks again, Mark.
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