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Default 1st day of bow season...

Spent laying on the couch. Could barely get around when I could get up. Somehow, some way I managed to infuriate a couple of discs in my lower back. First time in close to 30 years that my back has put me down this bad.
After a doctor visit on Monday, I got three different perscriptions and so far they're working to reduce inflammation and pain. I ain't planning on pushing the issue though. I'm waiting until it clears up. I REALLY don't wanna go through that pain again!

Hope all ya'lls season is going as planned.
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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sorry to hear about your back issues. modern meds are a god send sometimes aren't they? haha so far not too bad. got a three pt the other day. nothing to brag about, but he sure will look good in the freezer! lol!
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I feel your pain, VA Hunter. I've had opportunities to go out, but I wake up and can barely move, so I don't.
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