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Default first of the year

Made it out to a property this AM that I haven't scouted at all this year and I was not dissapointed. Stayed close to the field in an area I knew they usually roosted, put a single hen decoy out 20 yrds from me in an open area close to the fence and picked my tree. Got settled in and looked to my right and sure enough there was a bird roosted 70 yrds from me. Not a single bird sounded off first thing untill all hell broke loose. The birds must have seen my decoy and started to pitch from the tree's and flying right at me landing anywheres from 15 to 35 yrds out. I had 6 hens and 5 jakes all well within my comfort zone and 2 toms further back in the bush. Told the wife I was gonna take the first legal bird, and that I did. After a longbeard now!
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Congrats, looks like a beautiful jake.
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