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Default spitfires

Hey, here's a question for y'all. My katera shoots a 400 grain arrow @ 290 fps at 60#'s and 29" draw length. any issues with using spitfires? Just bought a 3 pack and if they shoot well i will buy another 3 pack and some extra blades. As you can see, I have a fair amount of ke out of a 60 pound bow.
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I think the only thing having an issue with that setup is the critter on the receiving end!!!! Expect a short blood trail
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I was shooting almost the same set up (28 in. draw) two years ago and had no problems. Got pass throughs on all the deer I shot.
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I have almost the same setup only my draw is 27in. and I'm shooting 70lbs from my Katera...spitfires do the job!
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I'm shooting a 28" draw at 70# and use the spitfire once. Got a great pass thru on a huge fox squirrel. Exit hole took out the back side. It definitely opened up - spitfires Baby!
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Have shot deer in midwest with similar setup........ thumbs up!
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