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Default Moose on a Budget!!!

Bill Ball and I are heading north to bow hunt moose with Fern at Kashabowie Outposts in Ontario. Bill is on the road from Ohio as we speak and my relief will be here at 2ish.


Bill and I spent almost 2 weeks with Fern last year but tough weather made it tough for moose hunting. The weather definitely didn't put a damper on things though as it was by far my funnest adventure while hunting.

This year we have cleared our schedules and plan on staying until the archery season ends on October 9th...if that is what it takes.

If you have ever wanted to moose hunt but thought it would cost too much...check out Kashabowie Outposts. This hunt will cost a fraction of the expensive Yukon hunts....and it is only a 12ish hour drive from the Chicagoland area.

And big moose....you want big moose???? Here are some bulls that were taken up there last year...most shot just days after we left (when the weather improved)

Why shoot on the last day what you wouldn't shoot on the first?

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Good luck Too Both you and Bill. Keep me posted on how its going.
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Good luck buddy!!!

Moose is definitely on my bucket list!!!!
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Originally Posted by YorkArcher View Post
Good luck buddy!!!

Moose is definitely on my bucket list!!!!
mine, too!
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Best of it! I have looked these hunts over and you're right they are very reasonably priced for a moose hunt. I have seen the hunts the R&V did with them and it looks to be a very easy style to bowhunt them. And being from Ohio I would do it. And drive time from here is about 15 hours. Next year???
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IMO ontario is over looked due to the fact that the Yukon and B.c gets so much attention. There are some real monster here, last year the new record was set for Ontario, shot outside of Thunder Bay it scored in at well over 200" and was 64" wide.

Our gang has an bull tag for the first time in five years. We don't go very far north an still see some monsters shot one there in 2004 that was 48" wide an scored 161". I have a couple that I knoe are in the area this year right now that are both bigger then that one it is just getting to them come opening day. The smaller of the two should be in the low 50's while the larger of the two could be in the mid 60's. Taking both the muzzleloader an the bow with me this year.

Should be an good year, i have an trail camera out up there since the beginning of Aug, should be some picture for sure.

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