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Default String Silencer

What is the best string silencer on the market today? I have used the Spider Silencers and the Tarantulas, and I'd like to narrow my choices on my new string.
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I really like my fuse silencers that came on my Hoyt, I think they call them string shox. They are pretty light and seem to be effective.
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Bowjax also work well as do String Leeches. You can also pick up some Limb Savers to help with the noise/vibration reduction.
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I like an STS it last longer and works better.
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I use Limb Saver string leach's, stabilizer, and limb silencers. They work very well for me. The noisiest part of my bow is my QAD fall away rest. I can hear it "click" when I release. Other than that, my bow is really quite quiet. I put all the same stuff on my Betty's bow and man did it quiet it down. She is shooting a Whisker Buisquit and I think that makes it a little quieter as well.
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Tweek your cams, get the most performance out of your bow.
I don't use anything on my bow string except a peep and a loop.

It can be done. plus I got 5 FPS out of it too.
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