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Default 1st cat of the year.

Here's a pic of one the 1st cat's of the year.18lbs
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I've lived on the Mississippi River my entire life....and spent a lot of time fishing. Believe it or not.....I have never caught a catfish
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Nice Cat you got there. My better half can catch big ones like that too. I have a picture of my daughter when she was a little over 2 standing next to one and it was almost as big as her. When the big cats like that come in so do the big carp.
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Looks like a nice Blue Cat to me, congrats. I prefer shovel heads cats myself and caught one about 20 lbs last spring in Lake Cumberland and feed about five of my family.
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Hey there ya go CD!

Nice kitty!
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Nice catfish! Yeah, we've got them real big here too. There are a good number caught in the 50 - 60# range but they can close in on 100#'s. There was one caught in Lake Texoma, I believe that was just over 100 lbs. That is the state record. It's at the Freshwater Fishery in Athens for people to see (about 20 miles east of me). We checked my buddy's trot lines the other day and had 6 blue cats (4 between 1 - 4#'s, 1 at 8.5#, and 1 at 9.5#). Decent haul but still pretty slow. We also on that day shot a 6 foot alligator gar and a 4+ foot needle-nose gar. We were bowfishing - Of course, I personally did no damage on my 2nd ever bowfishing trip shooting just under the 4+ footer, then my buddy's son shot it for me and reeled it in to the side of the boat where it "expired". There was 5# of meat in what we call the "backstraps" of the gar alone, got 5# out of the catfish and let a few go in my own tank that I've stocked with cats. I did have bass but the drought and the blue herons did them in.
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