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Talking Mule's vs whitetail vs blacktail

Well here's a topic for everyone to ponder on. Whats harder to hunt out of the 3? What do you prefer to hunt? Its ok if you havent hunted all 3 as I haven't either.
Since I have only had the luxury of hunting muley's and whitetail I'm saying whitetail are the harder to hunt in my region. (numbers game here although the population is getting better every year). Preference Mule's. Love spot and stalk in the thick alpine in the higher regions of Adams Lake and McGilvery area.
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I understand black tails are near impossible to get close enough to get with a bow...

I'm stickin with good old Mr. Whitetail!!!
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The Majestic.......Whitetail
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I suppose it really depends on the region, hunting pressure, terrain and a few other factors I haven't even thought of. I've hunted all three, and have all three on the wall. I guess I found the blacktail the most difficult, mostly due to the terrain and amount of cover they had at their disposal, on Vancouver Island, BC. I much prefer to hunt mule deer, although I grew up hunting whitetail's in northwestern Ontario (Thunder Bay area). As I remember, they weren't any pushover, either. As I grew up, I remember reading stories about hunting the West's Mule deer, and they really do it for me. And I get to hunt them every year with archery gear, and every 2 - 3 years with a rifle tag in my pocket.

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I really want to hunt Muleys, but as of the moment Whitetails, we will have to see when I do get to go hunt them though
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I have never hunted blacktails, so I dont know about them, but between a whitetail and a muley, its kind of a toss up for me. We don't have the mule deer numbers around here like whitetail, so for numbers and areas to hunt, the mule deer is much harder in that aspect. If your talking trophy hunting, I dont know if one is easier than the other, a big buck of either species is not an easy task, even harder if your not hunting during the rut. I love the challenge of both and love the difference in hunting each.
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