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Default Finally did it!!!!!!!

This is me with my first hogs down and recovered. GreatWhiteHunter was filming it. I got the black one first and then got the red one three minutes later. As soon as myarcheryhunt.com gets the final video together I will post a link so all can see. It was really something!!!! A year and a half of waiting and doubting myself is over!!!!
Cheri G.
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Great job!!! Congrats!!!
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Awesome!! Congratulations and well done!!
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Congrats on the hunt!
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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Congrats! That must have been fast and crazy that close together but I bet the adrenalin was noticeable. Again congrats and getting that big question mark off your back must have been a relief.
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Who's the stud next to Cheri? (J/K)

Cheri it was a very significant weekend for me being there for you and filming your hunt, also to be there for Rick and filming his hunt.

All hogs from the Colorado family were recovered!

It's also worth noting that Cheri's double was the first for a lady with a bow in the ranch's history.

To say she was excited doesn't measure up. Freddy comes to mind. You're going to love the footage and hope you'll fee the electricity of the moment as I was trying to film with Cheri grabbing my arm in hysterics If you see the camera shaking...it was Cheri. She did great and I was as proud of her and Rick as I've ever been for anybody. Ya'll will have to watch the video!

This past weekend was one of the absolute greatest hunting weekends I can remember and I didn't even pick up my bow...It's that good! You'll love it! Couldn't have happened for nicer people/better friends.

Bow Drawn - yes it was fast and furious, her double was from two completely different sounders coming in. She took one boar and one sow, each weighed exactly 116 lbs (a good omen in my book). One went about 60 yards and the other went about 100 yards - both double-lungers.

Rick's was a bit further back so we waited until morning to recover that one but it turned out it had also gone only about 100 yards. If I remember his was a great meat hog too at 100+ lbs, perhaps 120# - can't remember exactly, the two days of hunting were a blur for me...almost surreal (probably for Rick, Cheri and the kids too).

The footage, if I remember correctly will be aired on the web cast either this Sunday or next - I'll have to double check. It will be available for viewing at www.MyArcheryHunt.com.
Warm regards,


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Woohoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

That is awesome!!!!!!!!! I knew you could do it!!!!! Way to go cheri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats Awesome job.
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Way to go Cheri!!!!!!!! Thats awesome!
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congrats Cheri. told Rick to stop hunting with you and you would do it.
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