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Default muzzle loaders

has anybody tried the the new tc truimph what was it like
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diamond black ice
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octane quiver
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axis n-fused arrows
tekan broadheads

tc prohunter 50cal, and .300 win, 204 ruger
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I have one and really like it, I topped it with a leupold vx11, It is by far the easiest muzzleloader to clean it's also very comfortable feeling and shoulders really nice.
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What powder and what grain are you using in it? What sabot or bullet size are you using in it too? Kinda new to it and I'm using a new T/C encore endeavor and I would think they are fairly close.
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I own a TC Encore 50 cal and a TC Triumph..........I prefer the Triumph!!!
It feels better in my hand and it is super easy to clean......and it shoots great.
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Try different loads. Don't get caught up in the "MAGNUM" deal. My younguns Omega will not shoot worth a piss with three 50gr Pellets. Use 2 and it's fine. I can't remember the name of the bullets, but we're using the ones with the plastic cup made to the bottom. They've proven more accurate in our rifles than any of the Saboted ones. Far easier to get down the barrel also.
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Have been saying for awhile now that I was going to treat myself to an new muzzleloader boefore the season but might not happen now that the wife has put me on an tight spending budget. Looks as if I'll just have to hide some money away and sneak it into the house at some point this fall.

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