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Default Help Me Get Up in the World


I'm strongly thinking about purchasing a climber tree stand. I've been parusing around the Internet at different models and am so turned around with quality and prices that I thought I'd get some advice from you good ladies and gentlemen.

So. Who can tell me of a safe, reliable, climber tree stand that won't bust my budget? How do people feel about buying used stands (you know, ebay)?

Thanks a million,
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well if its used, remember, theres a reason why they're selling it. so be cautious and ask.
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If you don't care about the weight (35 lbs), go with the Grizzly cllimber. You can pick one up for $100. It is very safe and very sturdy! Summit makes great, light, climbers, but they cost a lot more.

When you get your climber, make sure you practice before you use it on a hunt. It takes a little getting used to, especially if you have a tree that's larger at the base than it is further up. In that situation, you'll have to angle the climber so that by the time you get to the desire height, your climber will be level. I try not to get mine angled any more than 45 degrees. Any more than that and you run the risk of slipping, because the teeth won't be able to set properly into the bark of the tree.

So, when you're ready to climb, give us a shout and we can kinda talk you through the steps on how to do it.
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Many models to choose from, depends on what you are looking to spend. Make sure that you get something that you can carry in to your hunting area along with the rest of your hunting gear. I bought one from BPS afew years back an have used it only afew times from whitetails but alot for Moose hunting.

Things to look for: Overall weight, how easy does it pack up, an operation of it.

One of the simplest one that I have seen in the last few years as been the Gorillia Greyback climber. Weights about 18lbs and packs flat and has back pack straps that come with it. Have been looking for one to upgrade my climber.

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I tried just about everyone out there over the years. There are a lot of good ones. But the one that stands out in my mind is an Ameristep. Do a search on ebay and I am sure you can get a good deal. I think I got mine for 52 bucks a few years ago.
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Ok I looked on ebay all i saw were around $150.
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