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Default First Fawn Pic of the Year

Ain't it Cute?
I think it was lagging behind it's mom and sibling. My cams trigger speed, sucks. So when mom and baby walked past, it caught their movement but didn't take a pic, and then when this little one moved in front of it... Snap!
I got them on vidoe also, cute little things.

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Awww, look at that! I haven't seen any yet except for a really small one squished on the road yesterday, what a shame.
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Very cool!!!

I'm putting my camera out at my Dad's place this weekend.

Hopefully pics to follow...
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My 1st fawn pic:
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Nice pics! I didnt get any fawn pics yet but I saw a few.
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I saw a doe and small fawn last night just down the road from my house.
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