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Default Darn the Luck

Went down Sunday to mow at the cabin and check my trail cam. Guess what? My favorite and best trail cam was about 3 feet underwater, maybe more. I was hoping to have some fawn pictures this time...but I guess I'll have to wait until the water goes down. It'll be interesting to see what kind of pix I got with that water rising like that
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That really sucks!! I hope you can get pictures off that card.
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sorry about your trail cam .. maybe you have started something... under water fish cam.. see if you are in the right fish zone...please post pictures of that trophy walleye....lol
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Well that Bites!! Sure hope the cam still works after this.

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Man that's a bummer Kim!

I'm with Yogi though... maybe you got a Glamour Shots pic of Nemo or something that can make you rich!
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OH that really sucks

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