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Default Could you shoot it??

Check out this commercial, it's one of my favorites. If an animal did this to you could you shoot it?? http://youtube.com/watch?v=E1NkRaU-5xw
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Dead. Dead in its tracks.

I would plunk it twice, then once more for good measure.

Animals should not talk. It freaks me out.
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Uh....first and foremost, why are animals talking to you? Secondly, do I need to call Cheri?
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Ground rat tastes pretty good when cooked on an open campfire, AND your real hungry, So my vote is to hit it with glancing blow not to pulverize the meat or mount
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FOOOOOOORRRRRE ! Just like smacking a ball for pasture pool!

Gotta be careful 'round them Sabertooth groundstalkers...Particularly when they start talking.

The last time Rick saw the talking animlues was when he wasn't checking out the Thorazine!
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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HA! That doesn't work with my most fav nephew so what makes you think it would work for something with teeth like that?!?!?!
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