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Default Since Firediver is out hog hunting...

I thought I might try to fill the "Are you kidding me!" video gap

This guy takes a 1011 yard shot at an antelope.

No kidding.

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why would some one try that,the smallest mistake and you could have a wounded animal running around.

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That's a great demonstration on knowing your weapon but is that hunting? After my observations of antelope being able to be accurate on a longer shot is probably needed but this the extreme, not many can understand how to shoot this good.
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There are a couple of "hunting" shows on now that I refuse to watch. All these shows do is make the everyday Joe think HE can shoot some of these distances also. More wounded and unrecovered animals will be the result.
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The one and only time I've been out west so far was to hunt antelope. I don't think that the wind dropped below 15-18 miles per hour the whole time i was out there! So many other factors that could play a big part.
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Firediver, sr. doesn't know it but the hogs are really hunting him
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