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Default The smorgassboard show this week

Did I catch the shot distance on the mule deer being killed - at 65 yards! And it was dead on on a monster muley. Great shot. How many of you can do that??? Anybody practice that shot now??? The camera shot made it look like a 40 yard shot and it was a steep angle down hill - I wonder if he used a ranger finder that calculated the ballistic angle for him?
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Yeah he made one awesome shot didnt he! I cant shoot that far when Im hunting. But if you can shoot like Propst did go for it. That shot was right on the money!
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I missed another one! I really wanted to see the Muley out here too!
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If you missed seeing it get SWD4 and you can see it all you want.
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I practice to 70 pretty regular and occasionally shoot 80 just for fun. Shooting that long makes 20-30 yds seem close, but I don't think I could take a shot that long while hunting. I don't think there is anything wrong with it if you practice and know your yardage, I just don't think I could hold it together and execute that shot Chris made....I don't think many of us could. Great job Chris!!!
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Hi Guys,

Chris and I practiced religously at long ranges all summer preparing for that hunt, we knew the country would be open with little cover, when he ranged the buck it was 65 yards, he actually held it just a little low to compensate for the angle, the hill was not terribly steep, but the shot was on the money, right in the pocket, deer only went 40 yards, it was the biggest thrill of our hunting career, buck grossed 205'', and if you are into net (we're not) he would actually net 195 B&C, just an awesome animal!

Good luck to all this fall!

Jeff Propst
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