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Default easton vs beman

hey guys,

i was just wanted to know what you guys think is the better arrow between these two?

easton n-fused axis carbon or beman mfx's
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I use the beman MFX and love them! I never personally used the eastons. But I know peopl that really like them. You really cant go wrong with either.
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Itís basically the same arrow. Typically Easton arrows are straighter and lighter, Beman arrows are usually a little heavier a better value. Last year I wanted Beman MFX but the shop I go to ran out so I got the Easton axis. They shot great and I put the same arrow through 3 deer last year. This is the first year I did not break a shaft hunting in a long time. The only difference I see on the N-fuss is it has a smoother finish and looks nicer. So, to sum it up you cant go wrong with either one.
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I have the Easton ST-Epics. At first, I thought they were HORRIBLE!!! Notice I said at first. The way they flew made the tails look like green and white salmon moving up stream. My 4 inch pattern at 40 yards ballooned like my waist line! I was PEEVED!!!

Turns out... it was my rest that was the issue the whole time. $140 dollars in shafts and countless years stripped off the end of my life. I can't explain what the issue was, but the end result was that the ST-Epics now fly like my Beman ICS Hunters flew: straight and accurate. Honestly, as I understand it, Easton is making the Beman shafts now anyway. I'd be willing to bet the differences come in name preferences rather than performance.

Yeah I know, your question was about other shafts all together, but I did shoot the Beman's, now I shoot the Eastons.

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love them easton axis arrows! imo none better
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