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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Say you had to freeze your turkey whole before getting it to a taxidermist for whatever reason. Would it be wise to put it in a womans nylon stocking / pantyhose like you would with a duck or pheasant?

(Heck I don't even know that you could stretch one that much?! )

I would think so but, you're the taxidermist, so what's your opinion?
I've had Taxidermists go both ways on the stocking/pantyhose thing on birds. I've been shopping around for a new family taxidermist to do our family mounts recently because our old one's work started going way downhill the past couple years, so I've been asking a lot of questions to various taxidermists and the turkey field care questions were on my list of questions.

The majority of the taxidermists were okay with the pantyhose thing, but said to be very careful when handling the bird once the stocking is on it. They instructed me to only ever hold it by the feet and never grab it anywhere there is feathers or to hold it by the end of the pantyhose or anything along those lines and to minimalize moving the bird around too much once the pantyhose is on it.

While on the other hand a few of the "bird only" taxidermists that I ran across were against the pantyhose thing for any of the birds they mount (waterfowl, upland birds, and turkeys). Their reasoning behind it was something along the lines the feather tips will be damaged by the pantyhose and then it makes it so much more harder for them to get the feathers to perform correctly and look nice again. They said the tips will be inclined to poke through the pantyhose and then if the bird shifts inside the pantyhose that it can bend, break, or fray the feathers. Their recommendations were to use bags and to layer the bags and use rubber bands to keep the bags tight and the feathers laying down flat on the bird and to handle the bird by its feet only.

So, my recommendation would be ask your taxidermist that deals with your turkeys what his preference is on the pantyhose situation. That way you are doing what they prefer and won't annoy the taxidermist accidentally. The taxidermists that were against the pantyhose said they charge extra if the person brings in the bird wrapped in pantyhose because of the feather damage and extra time needed to repair the issues it causes.

I'm really not sure what's the best with or without pantyhose wrapping, but I can see the logic behind the explination I was given to why not to use pantyhose, but not sure how much damage that really causes to use it and if the damage is enough for me to visually see on the mount or just something a professional eye would only pick up on. Me personally I just do the process that the taxidermist I plan to use tells me to do with field care.

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