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Default Taxidermy tip....

For those of you thinking about getting your bird mounted this year, there are a few things you need to know in order to deliver a "prime" specimen to your taxidermist.


Once you shirt your bird.....get to him ASAP and either pin him to the ground or hold him up by his legs. Most damage to the bird will take place if he is allowed to flop around on the ground.

Now when I say pin him to the ground....don't do it with your boot. He will surely pull away from you and you will be left standing there with a bunch of turkey feathers under foot.

Once the turkey has stopped have time so make sure to get some great hero shots for your photo album. Oh yeah....don't forget to post a pic on this forum as well.

When transporting the turkey home, keep him in a cool dry place. Before you head home...wrap some paper towel around the head to keep blood from getting on the feathers. If there is a lot of blood coming from the mouth, stuff some paper towel in it.

Next contact your taxidermist and ask him what to do next. I prefer skinning them when they are still warm but your taxidermist might want it frozen.

Good luck!!!!
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