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Default Ma got the bacon down!

Took my Ma to a friend's place (4D Outfitters) yesterday to try and get her her first hog. We had a great time! Nate and Randy, as usual, are the nicest and hardest working guys around. I am continually blessed by their friendship, eagerness, and hospitality when I visit them. The ranch is looking great and we were covered up in hogs within the first 30 minutes. It was amazing! I told my ma we were just looking for meat hogs although we saw some real hosses including a kind of a piebald looking chunkster that he was chomping at the bit over.

A big Hog came in and soon after came a bunch of rams came in. They got too close to the blind :shock: as one began butting the back of our ground blind and was actually lifting up the back of it! :shock: Then a big black hoss of a ram stuck his head IN the blind window and began running his cheek on the side of the barrel on Ma's .243. I thought he was gonna' go ahead and come on in. They were various curious as to what was inside. We didn't move a muscle and it sure got my Ma's heart racing! :shock: Everything was fast paced (and in your face). The rams left and more hogs came in. I told her shoot the black one. Well, she got a black hog in her scope that appeared bigger to her (because of the magnification) and shot at the front shoulder. It was a 30 lb boar. It took a couple of steps, spun around and kicked the rest of the life out of itself in a matter of seconds. It was done. Her very first was on the ground! She was a little disappointed that she sighted in on the wrong hog but she made a great shot just behind the front shoulder. The .243 took out the lungs, liver, AND the heart! After she shot the little one I went 40 yards to her front and got in a tree stand with my bow. Had 3 piglets come in at about 30 lbs each but never really gave me a clear shot. They walked DIRECTLY under my tree stand!

Well she decided she really wanted a bigger one so we agreed to hunt again in the afternoon. We got close to the blind and Randy, Ma and myself saw a bunch of meat hogs trot on by. A big Euro boar was standing on the far side of a wallowing area. I decided to hang back while Randy and Ma moved forward to see if the other meat hogs were going to hit the feeder (an hour before the feeder was set to go off). They didn't even get to the blind. I look over and Ma's shouldering the .243 again, standing behind a tree. She rests herself against the tree in the standing position and shoots her 2nd hog. A beautiful reddish/blonde sow that weighed 64 lbs. Randy recovered it (it didn't go more than 10 yards). She had made a PERFECT shot - low in the shoulder right at the back crease. She destroyed the heard and both lungs! Shot's don't get any better than that.

She got in the blind, she was hoping to score on a very big piebald looking sow (white with little black spots). I climbed into the treestand. We agreed that if we saw a meat hog that I would take the shot. If it was the "White Rhino" she would take it. I heard grunting off to the right and saw the "White Rhino" with 3 more meat hogs that looked exactly like her in tow. I looked down at Ma and signaled that 3 were coming and pointed at her letting her know that it was the white one. They came directly under my ladder treestand (between the ladder and the tree). I contemplated taking a spine shot on one of the smaller ones but never really had a clear shot. The trail they took under my treestand never gave my Ma an opportunity to see them. I didn't see any more hogs after that. I jumped a very healthy black boar at about 50 yards or so as it started to get dark but it wandered off knowing it was safe from the GWH.

She had an amazing time there and we made some great memories. She walked away understanding my addiction. Hopefully, she can help me better explain my addiction to my wife.

She was so excited last night she called everyone twice!

I attached some pics below.

Anyone looking for a great hunt and even greater memories with a couple of the nicest and honest guys around needs to give Nate a call or look him up at .
Warm regards,


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