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Default Finally!

A thread that I won't feel like a mooch on!!

OK... Brace yourselves. This is gonna be a list:

1) 12 ga semi auto Remmington with a full choke. MY gun from grampa. Awarded for passing Hunter's Safety at 12.

2) Grampa's 10 ga Browning. Inherited when grampa (my bestest goose hunting buddy ever) passed. He and I would freeze to death in Windsor, CO every year for 5 years straight with these guns in the goose bllinds we built from scratch.

3) 30/40 Krag bolt action. Grampa's deer rifle which passed to Dad, then passed to me, and eventually, my son Cale will get it.

4) .40 cal Ruger - This was my second service weapon. I carried it for 3years and never had to fire it in service, thank God. It replaced the .38 S/W my grandfather carried. I carried the .38 for a year before my Sgt requested I move to a semi auto.

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