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Now...even though you have the measurements from the carcass...that doesn't mean there is a form available for that particular size. This is where a taxidermist earns his money by reshaping and resizing the form to fit your particular bear.
LOL...those were his exact words I told him that I have been looking in my 2 inch thick McKenzie Taxidermy catologue for

This has turned into a great discussion!!! This is what I like about forums.....especially this one. NO EGO'S OR BAD ATTITUDES.

I cannot agree more, and I appreciate you alls advice and help. This is what makes this a great forum unlike many others on the net.

This morning when I walked into work, I had planned on having my bear (in the event I harvest one) mounted in canada and shipped back to me for $500--$700, and I was going to ship my clothing and gear to the outfitter a week prior via FedEx for ~$100. Now I got your advice, spoke to my local taxidermist, called the airline and am going to take a big duffle bag on wheels to the airport along with my rifle case. You all have saved me alot of grief/misery and a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders and not to mention, saved me will sleep alot better tonite. I was getting so worried and worked up worrying about all these details that I forgot about having a fun trip.

Thanks again

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