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One more thing we haven't covered.....make sure you have a SOLID gun case. The airlines have a bad habit of seeing who can throw a gun case the farthest.
LOL...a buddy of mine worked for DHL and I know how they treat freight, especially the ones that say "fragile" were doomed. Its sad to say.

Plus, hides shrink when they're tanned, so, since the manikin is made to represent the carcass, if you take the measurements over the fur, you've ADDED girth, length, whatever because of the skin and fur, and then your cape / hide shrinks making it smaller (thus SUBTRACTING girth, length, whatever, from the hide). So, theoretically, you have a hide that wouldn't fit over the original, actual carcass let alone a manikin that is actually bigger than the original carcass because you took the measurements over the fur.

So, the taxidermist actually has to stretch the tanned hide BEYOND what it was when the animal was alive.

You follow?
I follow you, and that makes sense. I will take both sets of measurments before and after caping just to present to the taxidermist.

Thanks again
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