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Firediver knows what he's talking about, those measurements are supposed to be done after skinning but go with what your taxidermist wants.

I am no taxidermist, but if you think about it, the measurments taken from the bear before skinning would think be more accurate. He siad the measurement from the corner of the eye to the tip of the nose was no big deal since the skull would be included on the cape that he will receive, but he stressed to measure the bear before being cut with a flexible tailor-type measuring tape. He said you will get a bigger bear this way rather than doing measurments after skinning. Not a huge size difference, but he said generally speaking it would be more true to its originial size.

I will take both measurements before caping and after caping just to give him both. I wonder what the difference would be if if was measured before as apposed to after skinning? I guess I will find out.

But to me not being a taxidermist one would think that you would get a true measurement before skinning as it would be anatomically correct as its being measured. I am not starting a debate here but in my eye this is how I see it. With the skin and muscles having their attachment points and anatomical variations that you would loose when measuring when the cape is free and loosley laying flat on the ground.

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