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Default Canadian Bear Hunt

Well, we are off to Saskatchewan, Canada May 11th with Larson Lake Outfitters for a week long bear hunt. I was wanting some information about traveling through the airport system. I have not flown for many years and things have changed at the airport.

We are thinking of sending out clothing, gear and all up Fed Ex next day to the outfitter. I have all my clothes, binos, gear, everything but rifle in a box ready to ship to the outfitter. We figured this might be better just to have a rifle case going through the airport rather than worrying about luggage. Has anyone ever done this before? I can send my gear up for less than $100. I want to make this trip as smooth as possible. This way I would only need to grab my rifle and would have all my gear waiting for me at camp, not having to worry about lost or delayed luggage.

Do you know about the big sporting goods store in Saskatoon? I spoke to the outfitter and he mentioned a huge store not far from the airport. I figured we could stop and get some last minute gear, scent spray, and forgotten supplies before we make the hour and a half trip to the camp.

I was thinking of having my Bear (if fortunate to harvest one) mounted in canada and shipped back to me here in the states. I have spoke to Orion Taxidermy and they have a top notch business there in Moose Jaw. They told me that a full body mount shipped to WV from Canada would run about $500-$700. I figured this might be better than having it shipped back with me on the airplane and worry about hair slippage due to the cape being rolled up. I have heard horror stories about this, where the flesh hold heat and can cause hair slippage due to being rolled. I dont mind paying the extra money for taxidermy as I know they mount more bears than my local taxidermist does.

Any/all feedback on any tips/hints that I should know while flying into canada would be greatly appreciated.
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