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good call on the blind! It's hard to get drawn on a bird w/o being seen much less if there are several birds around The blind helps a ton! I would recommend the mechanical heads, the shockwave would work well if you have them. Or NAP makes a version of the spitfire called the gobbler getter (I think) with a dulled tip so they don't over pentrate. Just remember it's not like shooting them with a shotgun, the broadhead needs time to work! Arrows kill by cutting so just like deer the bird needs time to bleed out, I made that mistake the first time I shot one with a bow I shot one (not the greatest hit) but took off after him immediately, and it wasn't hard for him to outrun me! I ended up following him for a LONG way before I finally found him under a pine tree -- from then on I give them a while!

Whatever you choose GOOD LUCK!
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