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I agree with you Kevin, and the update is really just braggin on how far they have all come, along with a thanks to all of you that have had a hand in it. I honestly can't think of any other way to express our gratitude than to include you guys in where I can.

Boy, I'm still fired up about Becca hitting that deer target finally. She drew on a turkey target about 8 yards away and torpedoed 4 shots in a row. She was getting pretty down, so we moved to the paper side. She got some confidence back and said, "I want to shoot the deer now." Well that deer she had her eyes on was about 16 yeards and in front of an elevated position. She drew back, took her time, and exhaled just as she let off. Man I swear she jumped 5 feet in the air and yelled "I GOT HIM!!" loud enough for you to hear it all the way down in Texas. She shot 3 more times and hit all three really well, but got tired out and just watched mom.

That was awesome. All of us have progressed quite a ways from where we were. Without you guys here, and the support you all give... we sure wouldn't even be talking about doing the things we're planning.
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