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Default Bow Hunting Turkey Tips

Well, I'll be going to my friends family farm about 1/2 hour North of San Angelo on Thursday evening. We'll be hunting Friday through Monday.

I have killed a number turkeys in the past but never with a bow.
This will be my 1st bowhunt for turkey. The guy's think I'm crazy. They are taking shot guns and rifles (you can use centerfire rifles here for turkeys). I feel like there isn't much of a difference between bowhunting and shotgunning, both are at close range (15 - 40 yards). Does anyone disagree?

I think bow accuracy and concealment are the two biggest factors.

Does anyone have any tips for me on my 1st turkey bowhunt?

I'll be using my Ameristep TSC Brickhouse blind. I was going to use Slick Trick broadheads but am thinking maybe mechanicals would help keep the arrow in the body so I may use my tropy Ridge Bullet mechanicals or Shockwaves. Any thoughts about broadheads (I'm too chicken to try the guillotine this weekend)?

Any ideas about shot placement? I plan to aim where I believe the drumstick meets the body at wing or right square in the back.

Any advice would be great to optimize my odds of success.

If I don't have one by Sunday afternoon I'll be switching over to the Shotgun!
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