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I think ya'll will have a great time. Just remember like all other hunting to not get wrapped up in the killing part (cuz it may not happen). Get wrapped up in the experience and the family time. Those are the real successes! If you do get to shoot AIM FORWARD! My 1st bowkill was a hog that I shot slightly quartered away and I hit him about 4" behind the shoulder - perfect for a deer but he went 100 yards on me and got into and died in stuff that was way to thick for me to get into. End result - I spend 3 hours on my hands and knees following his bloodtrail only to run into a "brick wall" of briars that he'd gone in to.

My first bowkill - buzzards ate him a couple of days later. There was a hole over the top of him but no way for me to get to him. I got no pics of my first bow kill. As a bowhunter that was pretty disappointing!

Just go right into the shoulder!
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