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I can only state an opinion on their 20-Gauge model of the Primos Jellyhead Choke, as I hunt with a Remington Model 870 SPS-T Camo 20-Gauge shotgun. I cannot state an opinion on the 12-Gauge model of the Primos Jellyhead Chokes, as I've never turkey hunted with a 12-Gauge. With the Primos Jellyhead 20-Gauge model I'm quite impressed with it and the pattern I get from it with Hevi-Shot loads in my gun when compared to the Factory Remington Hevi-Shot 20-Gauge Choke and HS Undertaker HD 20-Gauge Choke that I tried first. According to the Nitro Ammo Company the Primos Jellyhead 20-Gauge Choke ($45 or less) model is nearly equal in pattern ability as an expensive Rhino 20-Gauge Turkey Choke ($100 or more). So, it has me impressed at giving me a similar pattern with my Hevi-Shot as a supposed "top of the line" choke brand and saves me about $50+/- at the same time. This may differ though for the Primos Jellyhead 12-Gauge Chokes and Rhino Turkey 12-Gauge Chokes, I wouldn't know.

With that said though, Hevi-Shot ammo is just too expensive for me to afford to waste, unless I have a real need to be shooting it. I hunt primarily in thick woods with limited shot distances and visibility. It's not really needed for me to be hunting with Hevi-Shot in order to gain 10-yards of shot distance, which is all it gives me compared to my 20-Gauge Lead-Only setup. Infact the Hevi-Shot would hinder me more than help if I took it out hunting at my current hunting location just because the pattern is so tight at close distances that I can miss easily and most of my shots will primarily be close distance where I hunt. So, I rarely take my Hevi-Shot setup out in the woods with me. The only few times I've broke out the Hevi-Shot was when we were hunting open fields, where I'd have the visibility for a longer shot opportunity. I still patterned my gun for Hevi-Shot just incase I ever do have a real need for it, though.

My main setup on my Remington Model 870 SPS-T Camo 20-Gauge is a Comp-N-Choke Turkey 20-Gauge Choke and Lead-Only Shotshells. Most of the turkey hunters in our group of hunting friends here where I live either are strictly bowhunters or swear by their Comp-N-Choke Turkey Chokes and Lead-Only shotshell combinations. Hopefully this hunting season a turkey will have some lead meet his head from my Comp-N-Choke Turkey 20-Gauge Choke.

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