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Default Update: sorta

Cheri, the kids, and myself took a drive out to a Sporting Club we've had our eyes on for a while. Boy am I glad we did! They have an 3D archery course that is really set up well.

They have a number of deer, turkey, and bear targets, as well as a hog, a yote, and even a gopher!

My daughter, God bless her, hit her deer finally with her 15 lb PSE. Man she lit up like a Christmas tree. That was something special. Her brother did really well, and I really belive he will be ready come july for the hogs in Oklahoma.

Cheri and I took multiple shots from multiple angles, even elevated, and Cheri nailed a sweet double lung. She took aim at what would have been the opposite leg on a tough, semi blocked, quartering away angle. I was really proud of all of them. Only wish it was the real deal, but that will come.

Anyway... we took all that you've said with us and tried really hard to implement all of it. I think we did really well.
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