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Depending on the shaft, I'll typically cut my arrows so they stick about an inch past my rest. I use fixed blades and I like my fingers. The arrows I'm using now are cut to 28 3/4. My draw is 28 1/2 also. I think you'd be underspined with a 32 inch arrow. In other words, your arrows will likely wobble and not group well.

You shouldn't have to glue you nocks. If they slide out, they are either the wrong size or the shaft is cracked. nocks should be snug when you put them in. Sometimes I have to put wax on mine just to get them to slide in. A loose nock is beneficial especially when your groups aren't as tight as you'd like. Sometimes, you can spin the nock and get better flight out of an arrow.

In a nutshell, cutting your shafts to 29 won't hurt and will definitely help your groups. I would cut the nock end, instead of the insert end. Those nocks need to be loose, not glued. Add QuickSpin Speed Hunters and you'll have a bang up arrow that'll drop any beast!
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