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We have been plunking away on a few, but have yet to test broadheads. Keep in mind, we;re new at this, so this is just a newbies observation:

We have the Delta Deadstop bag. It comes with a rack and removable feet for the rack. Easy transport. It has 5 different circles on each side. 2 are larger on top than the three on the bottom. I've noticed that it does tend to fall over some. It's ok for a while, but I am seeing my shafts are starting blow through the other side by about 4 or 5 inches at 30 yards. My bow is only 58lbs and I am shooting about 375 grains (est). It was around $40 at BassPro.

We also have a Redhead Target. It has the layers of what I can only describle as foam stacked, and the layers are wrapped in thick shrink wrap. Field-tips slip right out without too much problem. It's more expensive than the Delta target. $65.00 on sale at BP.

Lastly we have a 3D buck. This is a good target, but a bank breaker. The insert is solid foam, and I have a hard time getting my Beman ICS shafts out with a serious pull. It transports on in our van, but I would have a hard time taking it in my little POS Neon. Set up easy. Just drive 2 stakes in the ground and slip the head on. I love to see people stop on the road and look when my wife is at full draw on it. If you have around $200, and want to get a giggle.

Hope that helps!
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