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First, welcome to our little brown chunk of space! Glad to have you and looking forward to your posts/pics, etc.

Second, that's the way it works with us. We share because we have been shared with (paying it forward so to speak). Us hunters got to stick together. I am always anxious to share whatever limited knowledge I may have especially where women are involved. It's important to grow interest and participation in our heritage, especially for women. I wish I could talk some sense into my wife. She comes from a hunting family but has absolutely no desire. It's a real bummer. She's great and I love her more than life. Just wish I could share this part of my life with her. Ricks a lucky guy.

Sounds like you're a lucky girl too! Everyone deserves a chance at a life with positive flow...there's no rewind button. Git' ur' butt out there and park somethin' in a tow-away zone!

God gave us these gifts for a reason...enjoy the pursuit and the harvest amidst all of His great works. There's nothing better!

Oh yeah. Try Slick Trick broadheads. They are AWESOME! No Broadhead tuning required. Where you're shooting your field points is where you're Slick Trick will go. I love them and they're pretty cheap! They're on Ebay too.
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