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H/C. No problem. The place you suggested looks GREAT! I called him this weekend and got a start. He says they dropped a 345lb-er Saturday, Man o man! It looks like there are plenty of trees around! Guess if we had to... we could come out of tree-climbing retirement!

Kevin... what can I say... You're a treasure-trove of knowlege my friend. Thank you very much! Someday I'll have to get down there and shake your hand, sir. You can count on as many pictures as I can snap.

So... with the help of the kind and generous people here, I believe her first hunt with take place in her home state, in the company of a great outfitter/ranch, sharing the experience with her son (his first hunt too)... and best of all... 2 days before her birthday!!

How cool is that?!?

Thank you all very much. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to repay you!
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