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I can't offer much on tips, but I worked in a hog confinement operation for a couple years and have a nice scar down the back of my leg from a boar, so I definitely know what they can do The first time I was down to OK (the place I told you about), we mostly did spot and stalk due to the weather. None of us had a problem with the hogs charging EXCEPT my boyfriend shot one and it didn't go down as fast as he thought it should (he's a perfectionist) so he went after it. That hog got mad, bristled and turned to charge. He got lucky and shot it again and it went down. Down there they have a tracking dog for those where you might have an "iffy" shot and the hog don't go down. That dog will bay them up and the owners will take care of the hog. I'm sure some more experienced people on here will have some good input. Other than that, all I can say is learn to shimmy up a tree really fast
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