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Originally Posted by Great White Hunter View Post

I tried to get one together but there doesn't seem to be much interest. I even found a place in Palestine, TX (1 hr from me) for 25 bucks a day, camping in tents/trailers, it includes food and you only pay for what you kill (50 bucks/hog no trophy fee). My buddy has a place in Mexia that I said we could go to that actually has lodging for a little more. I posted his website in another thread in this hog hunting section. If I had land that'd carry everyone I would do it myself. Even if I did it would still be a camping or Hotel type of thing so even then the 1st thing I listed is incredibly cheap. It is bowhunting so get your bow out and start practicing.

If ya'll have a change of heart let me know. There's lots of hogs around.
I'm ready to go anytime I have the extra cash (which hopefully won't be long now...our taxes are done, and don't forget the "stimulus" rebates, too). I have to get a bow worth hunting with, though. My only bow right now is a Youth bow, and it only has a 35-lb draw.
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