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Hey Paul,

Don't blow. Put that thing in your mouth and say "chick" and let us know if a yelp sound came out. That is how you do a hen yelp.

BTW, practiced a little more with the dome and pitch got a bit better...need more practice with it...not used to the dome.

I have about 10 different calls, some better for cutting, yelping, etc. I pick them up when I can cuz I have a small palate and so those calls are harder to come by. When I see them I get them quick. I like the V-Cuts the best by H.S. Struts cuz they seem easier to cut on and I can go soft or loud on the yelping with a good raspy tone. I usually carry 3 or 4 with me and at least 2 of my favorite in case it gets "too wet."

Paul: Tip - Keep your calls in the fridge when not using them. It keeps them fresh. I keep mine in there in a little plastic case. I also wear a little clip on my hat that holds diaphram calls. Usually one on each side of the bill.
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