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Yeah, OK has got a lot of hogs but not like here. Texas has more than any other state. I might even venture to guess that Texas may have more than all other states combined. They place estimates anywhere from 2 million to 4+ million here in Texas. There are a lot!

My buddy was trying to get one out of his trap this past Sunday afternoon. It had its leg wrapped around the trap cable. My buddy was trying to cut the cable. As he was focused on cutting the cable that sow (about 200lbs) swung around and bit his hand (drew blood but he's alright). He killed one or two and let the others out. Another sow tried to get on his 4-wheeler with him. Unfortunately all he had was a .22 (Not sure what he was thinkin'). He shot that one 4 times while it was trying to get on his 4-wheeler. It turned and ran into the trees. My buddy tried to track him but that thing did not appear to be mortally wounded...just irritated. Man, they are some mean critters. I think that's why I like hunting them more than deer.
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