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Default Great Summer Planned

My wife and I just finalized our summer plans. Eat your heart out guys cuz weíre pulling out this weekend in our 5th Wheel to go ruff it for the summer months . Of course our opinion of roughing it may vary from others. We will be traveling with satellite TV so we wonít miss * The Archerís Choice * and * The Choice * lol. We also travel with satellite internet so wonít be far from the computer either. OH Ė did I mention cell phone??? Weíll have that too .. lol. The only thing we wonít have is pesky neighbors. Although we are sure that we will have the * odd * un-announced visitor to our campsite, they will be a welcomed change. The visitorís will include Elk, the odd moose, an occasional deer and Iím sure there will be more than one bear nosing around ( blackís & Grizzlyís ) as they are quite common in this area.

This will be my wifeís 1st year of hunting as she just obtained her * Hunterís Ed Course * and this will be her first year of shooting instead of just watching. The reason for taking the summer off is to spend a lot of time practicing shooting and honing up her killer instincts. She really gave me the * what for and the how come * today for going to the local hunting store and not taking her Ö lol. She also is looking forward to learning how to shoot a bow ( letís bow our head in prayer ) lol.

We will have our video camera and digital in tow so we will be able to get some good shots of the Alberta Wildlife in itís best form. We will be scouting prior to the Spring Bear Hunt that begins on April 17th through May 15th, and scouting the rest of the summer preparing for the Fall Hunt. Our Archery Season begins August 25th for Elk, Moose and Deer. Our rifle season begins Sept. 17th for the same.

Once we get our camp set-up, weíll be sure to take some pictures and share them with you.

I will be dropping in from time to time in between trying to get situated for our trip.
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