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Originally Posted by Bow Drawn View Post
I remember the pictures of her with her trophy you shared with us a couple of months back. You could see the joy in her eyes then.

I enjoyed the show very much. You kids are pretty incredible the way they treat each other, very admirable. You did good Mom. And Dad too! You all appear to make a wonderful family. Congrats!

And what A HUNT EH! Hard to match that one. Your little girl came unglued and I would too. That's what is all about - memories to last a life time. Too cool.
ditto., !! i just watched the show .,i went from laying back in the chair to standing in front of the t.v. saying wow! not so much on the deer(witch is huge by the way) but to see the excitement that came out of those two young kids.,you as parents should be proud of those two!! great job mom and dad.., and great job kids!!! LOVED THE SHOW!!!!
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