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Originally Posted by Great White Hunter View Post

Congrats! Aren't they a blast? I like hunting them better than deer. Did you get to use your bow? Try bowhunting them if you come back down. That's even better...especially at night. Did you get those at night? Now you know why sometimes I don't get to retrieve every hog I kill. You can't get in some of that stuff like the hogs can. All the briars, mesquite, etc. You come out stingin' like a human pin cushion! I am very happy for you. Maybe someday when you come down again. I can meet up and hunt with ya. which pic is yours?
Great White

That was definetely alot of fun. I hunted with my bow alittle but nothing came to the feeder where i was at, so i shot mine with my rifle when i was doing some stalking. We hunted some at night, didn't sit just went around and shined by the feeders, but only seen deer and coons at night. I'm still pulling cactus neddles out of my hands and feet, I need boots that are cactus proof, don't know how many times I had to take off my boots and pull out needles. Hopefully will get a chance to go again next year. I'm the one by myself in the pictures, with the black sow.
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