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For me that'd probably be sitting and forgetting to open the scope covers while hunting and then have deer run past and sit there wondering why my scope wasn't working.

Dumbest thing I've seen in our hunting group done by any of us. Was the guys pulling over to a ditch and getting out, walking quite a distance back in the woods off the road to relieve themselves in a legal hunting area and not taking their guns with them even after I told them to take the guns with them. They kept saying "yaya the deer aren't back there they heard us pull in and are already gone..." Then having a group of deer jump up from the bottom that were bedded and run past while they all had their pants down. It was commical seeing a bunch of guys come charging out of the woods saying "guns guns" some with their flies still opened or pants on all crooked and one with his last layer of pants still down around his knees wobbling like a duck towards the truck trying to reach down and hold his pants up with his hand and run at the same time. The guys of course didn't find humor in their misfortune, but I sure did and you can bet I didn't let them hear the last about that mistake. It was one of those moments that I didn't have to say "I told you so..." to them because they all looked at me instantly and said "Don't even say it! You told us so..." LOL They never listen to me and it's came back to bite them quite a few times. I wonder if they'll ever learn.

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