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Originally Posted by Great White Hunter View Post
That's Northwest of here near Wichita Falls. Good area. Lots of hogs up there, too. Does he have feeder lights set up? Are you bowhunting or rifle hunting? What's the name of his ranch? Do you have a spotlight? Or, a hawglite on your bow?

Make sure you shoot farther forward and lower than on a deer. If not, you'll be tracking him forever. I would shoot right through the armor plate on the shoulder. They are tough!
I'm taking my bow and my rifle both, not sure what his feeder setup is like. We are going out friday night, wish I had a hawglite, but when I tried to order one they didn't have any due to making different type of light, so its just regular spotlights for us. I dont think he has a name for his ranch, not a big operation, just a small guy with neighbors that will let us hunt to. Well time to pack up the truck and head out!!
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