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There's a large fist area above the lungs, where there is nothing vital just muscle, if you make it through the shield. A hit in the spine would of dropped him in his tracks.
They are tough little tanks with hair.

We took 53 hogs last yr. We hit and didn't recover only 3 hogs(that night) two of the hogs were shot as far as 3 weeks later, showing no sign of being hit at all. Except the broadhead buried in the shoulder and the other was under the shield on the other side after passing right through the "No Mans land" area I described. the other sees a human and runs like the wind

It's almost impossible to shoot too low on a hog, it's above the breast bone and in the armpit it's a kill ! or below the breast bone which is a miss completely.

Hogs need a good strong cut on contact broadhead that has a good edge on it. Hogs hair will dull the best knife with one pass across it's hair.

I've taken 7 hogs this yr, smallest was #85, largest was #163(rest was 120-150 range) But they don't get much size to them here. But we sure have a bunch running around.
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