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Originally Posted by oakcreek View Post
Timba with the barrel this is what i do i use 10' 3/16 chain bolt to barrel and then drill 6 holes 3/4". Chain to the tree make sure it's on high ground if it gets wet the oats go moldy and the bears would prefer fresh i don't use much oil on my oats for the same reason instead i lag a 25 gallon steel barrel to a tree and fill with straight oil and small meat scraps that will get to the bottom and they have to reach into the oil to get them when they leave they also leave a scent trail for another bear to follow in. I use oats or sunflower screenings the bears just love them i would prefer to use just sunflower screenings because they are light we are in a no off road vehicle area so i have to carry everything in. Good luck
I'm heading to the farm this weekend to work on the barrels,I managed to come up with 6 45gal with removable lids.we are going to run 3 bait sites with a barrel of meat scraps and cooking oil like you mentioned and a barrel of oats at each.

On your meat barrel how high do you cut the hole and what size?I cut a hole last year 6" in about the middle and was wondering with these new barrels if I should go lower with the hole?

so on your oats do you put the 3/4 inch holes on one side of your barrel or stagger them all over the barrel.I'm just wondering if they will roll the barrel around to get the oats out?
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