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Default Candor among strangers...

To say I am new at this is just scratching the surface. Please keep that in mind as you read my monologue here. Additionally, this is not intended to be "heart-string tugger" type of posting. It will probably be taken that way, and honestly, I have no way of editing that out in the end. So here we go:

My wife is deeply, and terminally effected by bow hunting. To understand why this is important, one has to have some historical perspective. She is more than an open book, so I feel ok sharing certain pertinent info. She spent 13 years in an abusive, oppresive marriage. She wasn't allowed to do so much as a heavy sigh, without the fear of some sort of physical reprisal. Her kids bore witness to more than a kid should see, and in certain areas, they are not the kids God intended they be, I am sure. Long story short, she decided enough was enough, and with help, got away from all that and is much better for having done so, as are the kids.

I introduced her to hunting, as a vehicle for her to recover some if not all of her self-reliance, self-esteem, and accomplishment. That being said, I have bitten off more than I can chew, and I need some help.

She is more serious about this than anything I have ever seen her try. On her own, she scheduled a hunter's safety course and passed. She and I will be taking a bow-hunter's safety class soon. We bought the bows, and shafts, and a target. We shoot every night. She is very close to being ready to take small game... but I literally have no idea where to take her. Coyote are in season all year here, so until we hear if we drew big game licenses, (God help me), that is all we can do.

I see a few Coloradans here, and I read that Ralph was a guide out here, though I think that was on the western slope. I just need some guidance.

She is a wonderful person who has had some horrible experiences, and I want to erase as much of that as I can, and replace it with things that matter.

I appreciate the outlet, and the understanding, as I know this may not be the best place to air this request. Sorry Gary for sucking up bandwidth, but it's important that my intentions be clear here, and not misinterpreted as just another guy looking for a good spot to hunt.

Thanks all! Any information is most appreciated.
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