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When I'm talking about breaking up your silohuette (sp?) I'm talking about making your body blend in as much as possible with your surroundings like you are. I spend most of my time in a treestand. So, if and when I use blaze orange I wear a blaze orange camo with branches and twigs and things in the camo. I'm trying to go out there and blend in. The bottom line is that I always try to blend in with my surroundings by wearing clothes that break up the sillohuette of something that doesn't fit there (me). Hope that clarifies.

Now, when I hunt in Montana I try to stay inside tree lines. If I'm out in that Brown rolling grass with nothing to hide behind and I'm taking a long shot with a rifle I might where just a plain vest. When I'm hunting elk, I'm wearing my blaze orange camo parka for sure (heavily wooded and subzero). I am usually walking down game trails to a "good spot" then still hunting up against a tree.

Trees are an integral part of my hunting pretty much everywhere especially since I've begun bowhunting. I have also been known, as you have stated, to brush in a natural blind situation with branches, etc.

You brought up a great point about UV. I read a study that suggests deer can see concentrated amounts in clothing.

And, if you ever go turkey hunting, you've either got to me in a ground blind wearing black with the back windows closed, or you've got to be camo'd from head to toe. I've been in situations where 1 step at a hundred yards has gotten me busted. They are tough, and see like the dickens! It's been said that if turkeys could smell they'd be nearly impossible to hunt. I wouldn't go that far but it'd be enough to drive me crazy.
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