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Camo is important for the following reasons:

Paramount! = to break up your silohuette (sp?) Many animals don't see color (ie. deer, hogs, etc.) but all can see a shape that doesn't fit in it's normal environment. Many times you see people hunting deer with blaze orange camo clothing. I don't wear flat orange vests, it doesn't fit in the environment when walking in the woods.

2nd most important = some animals DO see color like turkeys. Turkeys can see color and see very clearly. it's been said that a turkey can see a blink at 50 yards. Any color - you'll get busted. Camo head to toe including face mask, gloves, etc. They can see your jewelry and anything shiny.

3rd most important = I say this but actually it's the most important in all situations possible. The best concealment is to NOT MOVE.

Hope this helps.
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